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Udbhav School goes Back to the Roots of Learning with Help from the VIE Library


Our latest impact and workshop was at Udbhav School, which is situated at Rasoolpura, in Secunderabad. Rasoolpura is one of the largest slums in the region, with the population of over 200,000 living in a small crowded area.

The slum population of India is on the rise and sadly has doubled in the past two decades. While slums lack the basic necessities like clean water, electricity and sanitation, its inhabitants are mostly the labor classes who work hard but earn low.

Udbhav School exists to provide education for these needy children, with the goal to impart holistic education so that they are life ready.

On 27th of August we conducted a workshop for 21 teachers of this school and the principal and teachers were very happy to receive the VIE audio/visual library, they expressed again and again their gratitude for the workshop and sponsored material which assist them greatly to achieve their objective.

515 children at this school will benefit from our VIE Library!


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