Values in Education (VIE) is a holistic educational program developed in response to the need for moral, character and social development for preschool and primary school aged children.

This program is designed to have maximum reach by enhancing institutions and schools dedicated to the care and education of underserved children in the core subject of value education; moral, character and social development.

A key aspect of the program also includes addressing and advocating the need for quality educational materials and effective teaching methods of relatable character-building values within the education systems and institutions. By promoting and providing the VIE library we play a major role in building up the awareness of this necessity and what can be done to meet this social need. 

The program aim is to impact future societies, one child at a time, by enhancing the learning capacity and method used by teachers assisting children in the acquisition of character development. The material used in the program consists of two series of educational books, along with accompanying multimedia presentations, follow-up activities and curriculum plans.

*At present 90% of library is available in Hindi.

Goals & Objectives
1. Provide all children with a foundation of core values – the fundamental tools to build their future upon and a platform from which they can succeed in all aspect of their lives.

2. Give underprivileged children the character training and personal development skills required for excellence, so they can better enter mainstream society and obtain equal opportunities in school placement, higher education and future career opportunities.

3. Inspire teachers in the art of bringing out the best in the student, motivating and challenging the student for greatness. Training the teachers in the use of the Values in Education Library and curriculum, enabling them to employ these books and aids to their complete extent, maximizing the impact and reach.

4. Change the seeming negative norms and vice that society faces today by targeting the children who will impact a better tomorrow.

5. Involve volunteers – provide an easy yet effective program for concerned individuals to connect with this need and personally make an impact, fulfilling their wish to give and make a difference.

VIE Vision: Our vision is that all children, no matter their social standing or upbringing have access to and receive value based, moral education which will enhance their personal value and give them a platform to succeed.

VIE Mission: To realize our vision, we aim to set up VIE libraries in institutions and schools in India dedicated to the care and education of underprivileged children. This also includes addressing and advocating the need for quality educational materials and the effective teaching methods of relatable character-building values
within the education systems and institutions.

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Today, over 40 million children in India are underprivileged - the task to change their tomorrow seems overwhelming. But research and studies affirm that by strengthening core values, developing character and social skills; a child’s confidence and personal value is enhanced. Children are then better able to achieve throughout their education, and on into their adult lives and prospective careers. As such, the need for values and character education provided to the underprivileged sectors of society are of extreme importance, and yet receive little priority.

We believe a significant part of the solution to developing character and emotional intelligence of all children is by imparting moral, character and holistic education into the operating and established educational institutions and syllabus. “Values in Education” library and program is developed to do just that.

Sponsors of this program are partners in changing the lives of the children who directly benefit from our library and curriculum. The lessons taught through arts, media, activities and interactive aids build each child’s positive self image , opening up to them the value that lies within them and their sense of community, while instilling a positive outlook on life with hope for their future.

Our program reach to date is a documented 19,225 children!

If you would like to know more and be a part of the positive change, contact us, you can make a difference!

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Phone: 1 (512) 577 2701