Share the love of Christ through gift-filled shoeboxes sent to children around the world!

What an amazing ministry! God's hand is truly upon this! It's SO easy to get involved! Grab an empty shoe box, add some school supplies, hygiene items, toys, hard candy and a letter and picture of yourself!

You can go to the website for more info:

Or ask me!

You can also donate $7, which equals the shipment of ONE box around the globe.

You can volunteer at your local collection center.
You can volunteer with OCC.

And most importantly....

YOU can pack a box!

I've seen it first hand! The joy that such a small gift brings these kids is amazing! It's unreal! It's give you goosbumps kindof amazing!

Please join with me in this amazing ministry! It's so easy to rock these kid's worlds! (and probably yours too!)

1. Let's send these simple gifts of hope to kids all over the world and show them God's love! It doesn't take much :)

2. We need prayers! We have hundreds of Collection sites all over the world, there are 11 countries that send the boxes and over 130 that receive them!

3. We need support-help us get the boxes on the move!