Do you know what U.S. State has the strictest laws concerning dog fighting?

New Jersey (16% people answered this) New York (50% people answered this) Montana (33% people answered this) Michigan (0% people answered this) 6 people voted. To show the Supreme Court that we Americans do NOT believe this is a 1st amendment…Read More

Do you have the cutest pet EVER?

Do you have the cutest pet EVER? Enter your pet in the Spay Day Pet Photo Contest for a chance to win big prizes and help raise funds for spay/neuter efforts worldwide.You can even enter via Facebook and choose a photo from your photo albums. Enter now:…Read More

Is Your Pet the Cutest?

Do you have the cutest pet EVER? Give us your best shot! Enter your pet in the Spay Day Pet Photo Contest ( for a chance to win more than 600 stellar prizes and help save animals' lives by raising money for spay/neuter efforts…Read More

Thank you from HSUS!

Thank you for your generous donation to our 2011 Animal Survivors Fund. We'll use your gift to save animals from Canadian sealers, dogfighting rings, factory farms, puppy mills, and other forms of cruelty. Thank you for everything you do for animals! Happy…Read More

TODAY is the Last Day to Help Us Win $250,000 to Rescue Animals!

  Thank you for supporting a Facebook Cause that benefits The Humane Society of the United States! We are currently ranked #1 in the Pepsi Refresh Project, ( a program that could award us $250,000 to rescue animals from…Read More

Be a hero for animals

A dog named Honey found her hero this past summer. Honey was one of twenty dogs our Animal Rescue Team saved from dogfighting in Indiana this past July. She was weak and injured after spending most of her life either staked in a yard or fighting for her life…Read More

Update: Honey's Story

Earlier this week, we told you about Honey, a beautiful pit bull rescued from a dogfighting ring.  We knew that Honey's story would capture the hearts of all animal lovers who read it, but we were taken aback by the outpouring of concern for her current…Read More
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