Check your BMI, See if your 35BMI or higher, Lower

Fill in info below to get your BMI, see were your at on the scale, if your 35 BMI or higher you will easily be able to get into free program , when doors open. BMI For Adults Widget…Read More

Email or mail for your copy,petition

Petition ready ror your area, petion is goin on till 9-15-10, get ur home town heard! This petition of American Citizens, who are Americans, family, friends, and supporters of FIGHT USA OBESITY. Obesity, is at a world high in America causing Sleep Apnea ,…Read More

Free Diet for the Cause

Hello, We at fightusaobesity (non-profit) are just getting off the ground. We have an easy diet that will work for a few people in America. 100% of all donations goes to fightusaobesity (were on facebook cause, facebook, myspace, and yahoo). When you send…Read More

Big Day Sep 20th 2010

? FIGHT USA OBESITY why is SEPTEMBER 20,2010 a Big Day? GLAD YOU ASKED! SEP 20,2010 is the day we are going to the WHITE HOUSE. ? FOR what ? Yet again another good question! This is the day we all can go that can to the WHITE HOUSE and bring forth our…Read More


Health Statistics > Obesity (most recent) by country VIEW DATA: Totals Showing latest available data. Rank Countries Amount # 1 United States: 30.6% # 2 Mexico: 24.2% # 3 United Kingdom: 23% # 4 Slovakia: 22.4% # 5 Greece: 21.9% # 6 Australia: 21.7% # 7…Read More

Today is not just any other day!

THANK YOU ALL FOR JOINING! Today is one day closser to our doors opening for all WHO need the finances lifted, to lift the weight off and out of thier life. Today is a day closer to more people able to get off welfare and go to work for the first time in a…Read More

Phone Number for FIGHT USA OBESITY

ALL letters I got comming in will recieve a card with info and number.E-mail me anytime at [email protected] for buisiness number, note is a 682 area code. Included will be any info you are asking of and all new info, as it comes in. Cards will be in…Read More
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