Mr. Obama, build up that wall!

We're one shy of 150 members. This is a better time than ever to get the message out that there needs to be a secure fence on our borders. Realize that this is to protect Americans from members of Al Qaeda infiltrating into our country disguised as…Read More

Over 100!

Thank you, everyone, for putting our cause over the 100 mark. The goal is to send a message to Washington & border states that America needs to be secured from the logarithmically-increasing numbers of newly-Spanish speaking Muslim terrorists that are…Read More

Mr. Obama, build up that wall! -- Update

Greetings. 81 members as of Sunday, 23 May--not too shabby! We're at "Posse" size, & we only need 16 more recruits to achieve "Club" status. Whereas these monikers mean nothing, getting the word out that Americans take our border security SERIOUSLY,…Read More
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