Hi Friends, Now your cause has achieved the milestone of Club,,,,,,,,and the mission you have started to Help the Needy,,,,,,,,,, is finally taking shape, now it is your turn to materialise the mission into a spiritual mission by helping the needy and…Read More


Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see. India, by one count, has 18 million* street children and over 22 million* child laborers. Nearly 20%** of the children 6-14 years old have no access to primary education. Less than 45%**…Read More

See how poor we are

INDIA,STATISTICS Population India 1,065 million Children


India leads the world in hunger. According to the 2008 Global Hunger Index, which is calculated by the International Food Policy Research Institute, India has close to 350 million people who are food insecure -- in other words, who are not sure where their…Read More


Hello Friends, I am working for the The Nooren Frasher Foundation it is an organisation working for the Women Cancer Research and till now along with my blog readers we have funded more than 200 minutes of Cancer research. Now I have started a new charity…Read More
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