Back to Stop Native Forest Fueled Electricity in Australia



The reduced Renewable Energy Target passed through the Senate on June 23 and included the burning of native forests for electricity as eligible to earn Renewable Energy Credits.

Dirty back room deals were done by the government to gain the support of some of the key cross benchers, including the appointment of a ‘Wind Commissioner’ and tighter controls on wind power. It was all about the government propping up the dying native forest logging industry.

In reality native forest biomass power will undermine real renewables like solar and wind. It will produce more emissions than burning coal and cause immense loss of ecosystems, wildlife and our greatest carbon stores. It’s hard to imagine a worse scenario.

Heartfelt thanks to everyone that phoned, wrote, emailed, and tweeted. While it is deeply disappointing, there is now much more understanding of what this awful regulation might mean and no question of how most people feel about it.

To date electricity companies have undertaken not to sell ‘Dead Koala Power’ . We will now do all we can to make the electricity retailers pledge not to buy it and to make sure people understand that they should steer clear of companies that sell it.

cheers, Lorraine

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