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Stop Subsidies for Native Forest Destruction in the Renewable Energy Target


You've probably heard the news that Australian Industry Minister Ian MacFarlane wants to include subsidies for native forest wood fired electricity as part of the 33,000 GWh Renewable Energy Target.

He has said it will happen 'one way or another'. So far Labor is standing firm in its opposition and so the government is negotiating with the Cross Benchers in the Senate as the 'other' way. The RET could be finalised this week, perhaps as early as Wednesday.

It's outrageous that this dirty, carbon emissive and environmentally destructive form of power should be part of the Renewable Energy Target. It will lock in decades more of overlogging, cause massive loss of wildlife and ecosystems, and it emits more CO2 than burning coal.

Politicians do listen when enough people contact them. Can you spare half an hour to phone cross bench senators Nick Xenophon, John Madigan, Dio Wang, Ricky Muir and Glen Lazarus in the next few days and tell their office that you do not want native forest wood waste included in the RET?

Alternatively if you are on Twitter, please send tweets to them. You can find details of their phone numbers and more info online or on

Please also sign the petition
and pass it on to others.

Thanks for being part of this cause,
Lorraine and the Australian Forests and Climate Alliance team

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