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It’s unthinkable. The New South Wales government is set to overturn a ban on burning native forest wood for electricity. This will give the green light for electricity plants to be built using native forests for fuel, and send us back 150 years to the industrial era. The NSW government isnt even pretending that this is all about 'logging waste' from the forest floor. Any whole tree not suitable for sawlogging will be able to be used. It will mean more destruction of NSW forests and their wildlife, and release massive amounts of carbon into the atmosphere.

Industry calls this ‘renewable energy’. This is despite the fact that eminent scientists and researchers consider this form of bio-energy to be neither clean nor renewable.* And despite the fact that this form of energy will actually outcompete genuine renewable energy like solar and wind power.*

Join us to show the NSW government and the forestry industry that our precious forests must be protected for wildlife, climate, water and the air we breathe, not trashed for electricity.

When: Thursday August 15 from 12.00-1.30pm

Where: Outside Parliament House, Macquarie Street, Sydney

What to bring: Bring placards or banners, or just show up. We will have materials to hand out.

Supported by: Nature Conservation Council of NSW, North East Forest Alliance, North Coast Environment Council of NSW, Australian Forests and Climate Alliance, South East Region Conservation Alliance, Colong Foundation for Wilderness


Actions will also be held in other regions. Details available shortly on
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