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Thank you to those who have joined this site, written, signed, and sent donations. So far we have together been successful at helping stop industry from gaining federal Renewable Energy Certificates for burning native forests for bio-energy, and helping stop some bio-energy projects from going ahead.
The logging industry though is pressing ahead with its plans, and has been lobbying the New South Wales government, which now appears set to backflip on a ban it placed on burning native forest wood for electricity.
Our unique and outstanding public forests are at stake here, and the animals that call them home. The logging industry wants access for electricity production to whole trees, not just the 'waste' from logging, and 85% of the trees logged in NSW could be available for electricity production.
Energy from burning native forest biomass won't displace fossil fuel based electricity but will compete with genuine renewables such as solar and wind.
Even if you dont live in New South Wales, or even in Australia, could you sign this petition?
thanks and best wishes. Lorraine

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