Saving Lives and Bringing Relief to the Haitian People Quickly and Effectively

In just 13 weeks, the J/P HRO team has made tremendous progress on the ground in Haiti, bringing relief and saving thousands of lives.

Our accomplishments to date include:

Taking over management of the United Nations International Organisation for Migration (UNIOM) refugee camp of over 50,000 people in Petionville.
Distributing over 50,000 lbs of rice and other food items thus far and feeding several camps and orphanages with populations between 300 and 5,000;
Delivering more than 100,000 pounds of medical supplies;
Building a temporary school and emotional trauma center for approximately 300 children and growing;
Serving approximately 2,000 meals a day;
Bringing 42 orphans to the United States via a chartered plane;
Our DMAT Category 3 Hospital treats all medical illnesses and injuries transporting only the critical cases to area hospitals. Our volunteer doctors have treated more than 100,000 people, and our hospital treats 150 more every day and delivers newborn babies almost every day;
The Strike Team (mobile medical services) triages over 300 people a day, treating on average 200 patients. Our medical staff administer IV fluids for dehydration, suture wounds, cast fractures, and do general wound cleansing and dressing changes. The team also conducts a well baby and prenatal care and education clinic;
Our camp houses 5 clinics serving a population over 50,000 people from our camp and surrounding areas. J/P HRO supplies our and 3 other clinics with medical supplies/equipment and feed all staff during their shifts;
Creating several child friendly spaces in addition to our school;
Supplying and distributing approximately 9,000 water filters and continuing to distribute more today;
Giving local hospitals much needed equipment such as: an X-ray machine, ventilators, and ultrasound machines;
Cutting through bureaucracy and red tape to bring in large shipments of medicine, antibiotics and anesthetics, which are in short (but much needed) supply;
Arranging for numerous critically ill children to be transported to the United States to receive treatment at state of the art hospitals and medical personnel;
Improving communications and helping to conduct a census in the Club de Pétionville (Petionville Club) golf course area that has been converted into a tent city and now houses about 50,000 Haitian citizens;
Providing tents to tens of thousands of people and continuing to distribute them today;
Conducting our work in an entirely self-sustainable way.

1. The rainy season has already begun in Haiti, and the hurricane season is on its way.

2. Without safe shelter, the lives of hundreds of thousands of homeless Haitians are at risk.

3. As flooding starts, Haiti faces a public health disaster that could be as great as the earthquake itself.

4. J/P HRO launched the BEAT THE RAIN campaign to help relocate and provide safe temporary shelter for more than 50,000 earthquake victims.