Thank you

I just wanted to thank all the members of this group. This group is an impotant one and i think all the members have excellent points to make. PLEASE keep inviting friends to the cause. If we recive enough members we can make a positive change!!! Dan-Admin

Thank you

Hi to all my members, I just want to take the time to thank you all for being a part of a cause i feel so strongly about. I do not post often the main board as i want the members to have somewhere to vent how they are feeling in a safe place. I moderate the…Read More

Joining in solidarity

Hi all, We have added "We need YOU to help end the transmission of HIV from Mother to Child by 2015" as a featured cause to Give racism the boot, as we feel that we can help them with their vital work as they can help us with ours. Bigotry of any kind needs…Read More


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