Why Pennsylvania Needs Clean Energy, Part I: Fracking Out of Control

Can you light your tap water on fire? If you live in Pennsylvania, there’s a good chance that your water is about to combust. This is because of the dangerous and toxic practice of “fracking.” What is fracking? Short for Hydraulic Fracturing, fracking is the…Read More

Has Solar Become Mainstream?

Solar panels aren’t usually the first thing that come to mind when you think of “home improvement” or “residential electricity.” But that’s all changing. No longer is home solar power an option only for those with cash to spare or extreme environmental…Read More

Recent environmental concerns driving MA residents towards solar

Check out today's Boston Globe article on how environmental concerns are motivating Massachusetts homeowners to go solar. LINK: http://bit.ly/globe-sunrun "Beyond the dollars and kilowatt hours, however, what is driving many to the solar option is something…Read More

New Sponsors of the 10,000 Solar Roofs Challenge!

Welcome to all the solar companies who have taken up the 10,000 Solar Homes Cause! • Verengo Solar Plus • HelioPower • REC Solar • Namaste • Suntrek • PetersenDean • American Solar Electric Thank you to your participation! It takes all of us!

Energy & Climate at the White House, June 29

Yesterday, President Obama met with a bipartisan group of over 20 Senators to discuss passing comprehensive energy and climate legislation. Heather Zichal, Deputy Asst. to the President for Energy and Climate Change hosted a live video chat to discuss the…Read More

Moving from Obama's "Clean Energy Future" to "Clean Energy Present"

Millions of Americans tuned in Tuesday night to watch President Obama deliver his first address from the Oval Office. At the heart of the president’s speech was his diagnosis of the BP oil spill. If the disaster can be thought of as a disease, then treatment…Read More

Congratulations, 100 people now support the cause for 10,000 solar roofs in 2010!

As heavy swaths of oil continue to wash ashore, we continue to be reminded of the need for clean, renewable energy. Thank you to everyone who has helped grow this cause - we've now reached 100 members! But, the fight isn't over yet. Thousands more are needed…Read More
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