The DC Public Education Fund - Young Professionals Committee supports the strategic initiatives that DC Public Schools is undertaking to improve the quality of education it provides to kids in DC

The DC Public Education Fund Young Professionals Committee is committed to improving the educational outcomes of the District of Columbia’s youth by enabling young professionals to support and engage the reform initiatives of DC Public Schools.

We do this by:
- Serving as an entry point for young professionals to connect to DCPS volunteer opportunities and to learn about education events in DC;
- Hosting events that increase engagement of young professionals and raise money for the DC Public Education Fund; and,
- Being a high-performing organization and worthwhile social and professional network
that attracts like-minded young professionals to join support education reform efforts in the District.

1. All children deserve a high-quality education, which drives their ability to be productive citizens and to reach their dreams.

2. While DCPS has made significant gains in the last few years, it must accelerate improvement to close gaps in student achievement and attainment.

3. Young professionals in DC can play an important role in supporting DCPS's efforts to improve education for our kids.

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a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (EIN: 26-1607955)