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Stress The Holidays Peace & Joy (WEBINAR THIS THURSDAY 12/12 @ 12 CST)


Check out this neat stressaliciuous management tool [[>>>]]

Please join this educational and enjoyable webinar for one hour this Thursday.

What happens in the webinar?

[] You have fun and learn new stuff to help you continue to have fun
[] Learn the five levels of stress and how to grow from distress into thriving
[] Learn the secret formula: super.thrive.less.stress.alicious.resilient.and.audacious
[] Learn the Five Cs of resilience: community, compassion, centering, confidence, and commitment
[] Learn a “protective stress shield” practice that you can use anytime and anywhere to remain calm and centered when you are starting to get anxious, tense, or worried
[] Set a positive intention for the holidays that you can keep with you through the new year

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