Interview About Culture of Health and Workplace Stress (Free Access to Article)

It has been a while since I posted in here. This is a good summary of ideas about the "we in wellness" work we have been doing. Please share with your colleagues in Human Resources, Benefits Management, Workplace Health, etc. ACCESS HERE:…Read More

Please Consider: The Healthy Workplace Model Ok. So I have been training workplaces for almost 30 years. The Buddha said (paraphrased): Experiment. Try things out for yourself. Pay attention to your own experience. So I have distilled some of…Read More

ANOTHER PATH TO THE WE IN WELLNESS: Heart-Centered Leadership Book Discussion

Join the GOODREADS discussion on March 27th! When leaders are thinking about the "We" - the greater good - well, that does make this whole idea a little…Read More

Turn Holiday Stress into Joy! Now!

Stress The Holidays Peace & Joy (WEBINAR THIS THURSDAY 12/12 @ 12 CST)

Check out this neat stressaliciuous management tool [[>>>]] Please join this educational and enjoyable webinar for one hour this…Read More


Dear Friends: It has been a while but we have been working hard at promoting this idea. Please check out some recent blogs that talk about the importance of the team or work group -- the WE in wellness. TRIBAL RESILIENCE:…Read More

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