Every thing is facilitated....for a minister!!!!!

"Walk through the corridors of power, and you will hear a whole range of fascinating stories—and not just about telecom minister A. Raja. Take the case of Mr X, who was OSD to an MoS in UPA 1, and now is OSD to the same person, who has now graduated to being a cabinet minister. “The OSD recently purchased a floor in a block of flats in Vasant Vihar (south Delhi),” says a party source adding, “and a farmhouse. That should tell you how good the facilitation fees are.” Then there is another very senior minister, whose OSD—once a government official, now retired—has been with him through a host of ministerial assignments, taking care of the “financial side” of things. A third senior minister—whose political career, his colleagues say, has always oiled the wheels of his business interests—has several “assistants” among the people on his personal staff. Then there is the ex-minister’s OSD who was the link between a host of businessmen and government aid flowing to countries in Africa. Finally, there are two very powerful ministers, who have always kept their offices “clean”: one uses his wife and son for all financial matters, the other, very correctly, maintains a separate staff, whom he pays out of his own pocket, and so their appointments don’t require government scrutiny. Most significantly, they are not allowed into ministerial offices. “This,” says a political observer, “minimises damage.” And so the list goes on."


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