More Updates on Joker

Update on Joker

It appears that Mr.Kallhoff will have to get rid of Joker by Dec 15th. I am so disappointed in my home town of Mountain Home. Thanks to Emily Reed for being a "Fur friend" & representing Mr.Kallhoff Here is the link to the latest…Read More

KY3 Springfield Mo, covers the Joker story!

Thank you guys for all of your help. Last night Mr.Kallhoff and Joker were featured on KY3 news. Follow the link for the story.


Just a reminder to keep inviting friends to join our cause, and keep writing those letters. I am working on mine while I am in the car line picking up my kids. It will just take a few moments of your time,and will be a great support to Mr.Kallhoff and Joker.


I believe the best way to contact Mountain Home City Counsel Members is through letters. The can each receive mail at city hall, I think we need to flood city hall with letters, as well as contacting each counsel member by phone. All letters to counsel…Read More

New Information!~ Take a moment to write a letter~

There was an earlier post on this sight as well as "Save the Joker" page asking people to call city hall. I spoke with someone at City Hall, and this matter will be handled by the Mountain Home City Counsel, and Judge Van Gearhart. Tomorrow I will be working…Read More
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