The election.

Take Back Your Time is a non-partisan organization and therefore, does not endorse candidates. However, we do want to let you know what we know about the candidates’ positions regarding our policy agenda however. Neither Senator McCain nor Senator Obama has…Read More

October 24th.

Remember that October 24th is the 70th anniversary of the Fair Labor Standards Act, which gave us the 40-hour work week and minimum wage, and was supposed to include a vacation law. Let’s bring it up to date in the coming year with an Act mandating paid…Read More

New Partnership and Donation

From TBYT founder, John de Graaf: Take Back Your Time is happy to partner with the American Resort Development Association on a campaign called “Take Two Weeks and Call Me in the Morning!”—a campaign to point out the links between vacations and health and…Read More

Labor Day Update from Take Back Your Time

As Labor Day approaches and the summer of 2008 comes to a close for schoolchildren and most of us, leaders of the Take Back Your Time organization ( are encouraging Senators Barack Obama and John McCain and both the Democratic and…Read More

October 24th: Take Back Your Time Day

Just a heads up that Take Back Your Time Day is October 24th, two months from today. This year is the fifth annual TBYT Day. Nine weeks before the end of the year, Oct. 24th symbolizes the nine weeks that Americans work more than the rest of the world. The…Read More


For Take Back Your Time Day 2005, Take Back Your Time joined in a partnership with Beringer Founders' Estate Wines to promote their Living 5to9 Campaign, encouraging better work-life balance in America. Visitors to the "Living 5to9" site were encouraged to…Read More
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