Restoration, The God and Country Education Project

There is a direct corollary between United States Supreme court rulings in 1962, (Engle v. Vitale) and 1963, (Abington School District v. Schempp), that removed God and prayer from our classrooms and a free fall to the current moral degradation of America. We…Read More

"Restoration, The God and Country Education Project" by Matt May

Friends, we have released the book Restoration as an e-book. We would encourage you to direct family and friends to to obtain the book and pass it along. Our children are the future of America... shouldn't we give them an…Read More

Restoration, The God and Country Education Project

Friends, We have just been notified that Evangelical Press, (an international Christian publishing house), has agreed to publish our book Restoration! I would be pleased if you all had a copy free of charge. Please email me so that I can send you the…Read More

It is your responsibility, as a citizen patriot, to seek knowledge and train up the next generation...

"Promote then as an object of primary importance, Institutions for the general diffusion of knowledge. In proportion as the structure of a government gives force to public opinion, it is essential that public opinion should be enlightened." George…Read More

The Future

Our children are the future leaders of this country; shouldn't we equip them for it?

Our kids deserve better...

A boy writes a letter to God. "Dear God, why do you let bad things happen in our schools?" God replied " Dear Son, I'm not allowed in your schools." I challenge you to re-post this!! Sent by my friend Annette Moceri Marsack. We can change this folks...

We are on the edge...

“Virtue, morality, and religion,” said Patrick Henry. “This is the armor, my friend, and this alone renders us invincible. These are the tactics we should study. If we lose them we are fallen indeed… so long as our manners and principles remain sound, there…Read More
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