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Murder in Marion Indiana

Sunday around 10:20 pm a man was gunned down in front of his house in a where it is said he was protecting his family. The media may have covered it I don't know. However there is a need to help bury this father, son, brother, cousin,Uncle, friend of Marion, Indiana. If anyone would like to help please make a check or money order out to M.A.R.C.S. and I assure you it will get to the family in need. I usually don't ask for help but I'am currently unemployed and can't even help myself I have pleaded with people to help support M.A.R.C.S. (murder,abuse,rape,chronical illness,suicide) to no avail. I 'am so tired of people saying WHY! No jobs poor economy = people stealing from those that have to go to work; Why not share some wealth and some common since. There will be three more children to grow up with hate and probably do something to get a police record because of poverty. LORD I ASK THAT YOU SEND YOUR DEVOTED LOVE AND HAND DOWN HERE TO HELP WITH THE BURIAL NEEDS IN THIS TOWN MARION INDIANA. THANK YOU AMEN

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