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Meerkats can teach us about snake conservation...learn how


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Meet my snake friend Ziziphus: she is a beautiful protected Puff Adder (Bitis arietans) who has chosen to make her home in The Meerkat Magic Valley Reserve.

These incredible snakes and countless other wildlife inhabitants are protected here in The Meerkat Magic Valley Reserve of The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project, and I always get a surprise when I am lucky enough to see one, especially at night.

I do not handle or capture any wildlife on my reserve and only observe and protect them here in their natural habitat that I am very fortunate to share with them.

This close encounter with a wild and free reserve protected snake species reminded me again to always be extra aware in nature and to respect the wildlife that lives there, yet another lesson from Natures Classroom.

Most wild animals that I have encountered are simply trying to make a living, and if understood and respected and not provoked or threatened, they are usually not interested in attacking humans.

It is tragic how many wild animals are killed simply due to humans fearing that the animal could harm them, even when humans can be far more dangerous...

Snakes are very misunderstood in their role towards Meerkats, although Meerkats can kill snakes, they very seldom do this in the wild. Certain snakes are very dangerous Meerkat predators such as the mole snake, cobra and adder species.

Snakes hunt Meerkats during the day and night, so there is no safe refuge from them even in the Meerkats burrow systems where many other predators are unable to attack.

Despite the danger posed by some of the snake species towards Meerkats, and the fact that Meerkats can kill these incredible Lesson from Nature as I call it can be learned from Meerkats. Meerkats will rather try and mob and drive a snake away from a burrow that they use, or if encountered away from a burrow they will only mob it briefly.

Meerkats often abandon a burrow if a snake does not leave. If the snake is encountered away from a sleeping burrow, it is only mobbed briefly by Meerkats before they leave it alone...many people could learn tolerance towards snakes from this example from wild Meerkats towards snakes.

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