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Cryptic creatures can not hide from scent predation...

A very sneaky cryptic insect...but they have no defence against the incredible noses of Meerkats and Mongooses!

What an exciting and incredibly rare insect discovered on yet another scorchingly solar saturated 43 degree Centigrade day in The Meerkat Magic Valley Reserve of The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project.

Such cryptic creatures are hidden treasures that few are ever fortunate enough to see.

The deliberate jerky and staggered movements resemble that of a vertebrate Chameleon moving!

The movement and camouflage are of no consequence as defensive measures however to the super-power-olfactory detection from hungry Meerkats and Mongooses in the reserve.

Birds however will not see this invertebrate easily, so it seems that the diminutive inhabitant is trying to avoid visual rather than olfactory detection from predators as a primary form of crypsis.

The size of wildlife is of no interest to me, large or small I am fascinated by them all...

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