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Actively protecting Meerkat and Mongoose habitat from alien plant invaders while creating employment!


Alien plant invader species actively removed protects wild Meerkat and Mongoose and other indigenous fauna and flora on the reserve AND creates emloyment for reserve human communities!

The harvesting video:

THE MEERKAT MAGIC VALLEY RESERVE COMMUNITY REED HARVESTING PROJECT is a sustainable resource management initiative of The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project and Grant Mc Ilrath The Meerkat Man together with the local reserve community.

The local reserve community are empowered through community upliftment and sustainable job creation by harvesting of alien plant species. These species return through the reserve river system and need to be actively managed to protect the environment from their encroachment beyond the riverine ecosystem boundaries.

Instead of simply destroying these alien plant species, they now generate an income for families from disadvantaged areas where employment opportunities are very low. The reserve is protected and respected as it sustains local wildlife and human populations in harmony.

Skills and specialised reed preparation techniques are shared and teamwork is integral to success.

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