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Eating an aggressive orange hairy predator today!



Mongoose Menu: A very fortunate sighting this afternoon as the dominant male from Tsebokolodi group: Shongololo hunted a very aggressive large Solifuge invertebrate of a few cm long.

These large hairy orange ferocious predatory spider like reserve inhabitants are often hunted by Mongooses and Meerkats.

Shongololo returned to the breeding burrow and growl-called to the babies, after several attempts to call them out of the burrow, and not eating this huge Solifuge meal himself, he took the food item below to the babies.

I have included a video of a small young very fast moving Solifuge here from the reserve observed hunting at night:

The following video is of an adult Solifuge encountered during the day:

Before sunset today: Shongololo the dominant male from Tsebokolodi Yellow Mongoose group is behind me to the left with the subordinate male Impi to the right.

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