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Termite swarms are a very important food resource in the reserve...I filmed them...

Meerkats feast on termite swarms...eating soo many of these insects, that Meerkats will often lie on their backs unable to move after such vast quantities of food are gobbled up opportunistically!

Mongooses and even the Porcupine and many other reserve species feast on termites...

Termites are an incredibly important invertebrate species living in The Meerkat Magic Valley Reserve of The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project:

They are responsible for harvesting a great deal of flora biomass and enriching the soil with it. Their countless burrows in the soil aerate and allow water infiltration. They feed a vast number of other reserve species including amongst others:

Dozens of bird and reptile species visitng and resident to the reserve; Atliax paludinosis – Water mongoose; Galerella pulverulenta – Cape Grey mongoose; Heprestes ichneumon – The Egyptian mongoose; Suricata suricatta – Meerkat (Ungulungu meerkat group and others); Cynictis penicillata – The yellow mongoose (Tsebokolodi yellow mongoose group); Orycteropus afer – Aardvark, what I call a: "Termite-vacuum-cleaner-on-legs"; Hystrix africaeaustralis – African porcupine, like many rodents they are opportunistic and will often eat insects; Otocycon megalotis – Bat-eared fox; Canis mesomelas – Black-backed jackal; Vulpes chama – Cape Fox; Felis lybica - African wildcat; Proteles cristatus - Aardwolf an incredibly rare and a very significant eater of termites. Many rodent and other vertebrate and invertebrate species.

Displaced and homeless species from surrounding intensively damaged stock farming areas that have lost their natural habitat due to generations of agricultural development and soil compaction from stock trampling are making the reserve their home.

All the species that occur in The Meerkat Magic Valley Reserve are protected, no matter how large or small, aerial, aquatic, below or above the ground.

Filmed in The Meerkat Magic Valley Reserve of The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project by Grant Mc Ilrath The Meerkat Man.

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