Snowy mountain view seen from the reserve in September 2018

September 2018: Snowy view of The Great Black Mountains (Swartberg) in The Meerkat Magic Valley Reserve of The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project - home of The Ungulungu Meerkats and The Tsebokolodi Mongooses: The recent 24 mm of…Read More

Why do certain Meerkats guard and not others?

ELEVATED GUARDING IN MEERKATS - VIGILANCE AND ASSOCIATED ENERGY Which factors determine who guards - the frequency, duration and relative position to individuals within a Meerkat…Read More

The tragic Meerkat pet trade - your vote can help...

THE TRAGIC MEERKAT PET TRADE: Your anonymous vote can help spread an awareness about the meerkat / suricate pet trade and aid Conservation Through Education – please vote here: 

Walking with wild Meerkats from sunrise to sunset - poem

STORY TIME FOR MEERKAT CONSERVATION FRIENDS: I read one of my published Meerkat poems - this is about a day in the life of The Ungulungu wild Meerkat group from sunrise to sunset. The story-poem describes what may typically happen to Meerkats and what we as…Read More

Baby Mongoose begs for food...

YELLOW MONGOOSE VOCALISATIONS: (*Please turn on video volume for calls): This baby Yellow Mongoose from The Tsebokolodi family calls loudly for food-deliveries...(the equivalent of fast food expectations, but in this case: juicy…Read More

Who is hunting who?! Meet a GIANT spider...

BEEEEEEG VERY HAIRY SPIDER: Watch the spider in action here: Yellow Mongooses and Meerkats do hunt these huge spiders...but not easily as these arachnids fight back!

Yellow Mongooses foraging around Yellow Flowers...

Foraging in flowers: MONGOOSE MAGIC MOMENTS: The Tsebokolodi Yellow Mongooses forage for juicy coleoptra grubs and caterpillars and termites - that are abundant now on the carpet of yellow flowers in The Meerkat Magic Valley…Read More
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