Inspired by Wild and Free Meerkats since 1993...

LIVE YOUR LIFE WILD AND FREE... MEERKATS BOOK BY AUTHOR GRANT MC ILRATH THE MEERKAT MAN ISBN-13 9781921517655 The book can also be requested as a reference book in libraries and educational institutions as it is a scientific conservation work. It can be…Read More

09 May 2018 Mongoose Magic Moments news

09 May 2018 - MONGOOSE MAGIC MOMENTS NEWS: The six group members are all well today. The dominant male Shongololo and juvenile Tokolosh were the last to go to sleep, although Shongololo was getting drowsy and nodding off. It…Read More

Exploring secretive wildlife reserve highways...

I explore the seldom visited by humans, wildlife highways through The Meerkat Magic Valley Reserve of The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project: FROM THE MEERKAT MAN GRANT MC ILRATH IN THE MEERKAT MAGIC VALLEY RESERVE OF THE…Read More

Lessons from Natures Classroom and baby Meerkat care...

I spent a very long hot day in the Kalahari in the 1990's with this babysitter female, who went without any food or water for the entire day caring for this baby. This was not her own baby, she was helping care for the the dominant females baby. The mother…Read More

Sensational sunset in The Meerkat Magic Valley Reserve today

The Meerkat Mansion Research Base in The Meerkat Magic Valley Reserve of The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project the home of Grant Mc Ilrath The Meerkat Man. The Ungulungu Meerkats and The Tsebokolodi Yellow Mongooses live in the reserve.

Tsebokolodi Yellow Mongoose group today at sunset

08 March 2018: All six group members are well. Image taken at 18:00 before sunset. MONGOOSE MAGIC MOMENTS: The Tsebokolodi Yellow Mongoose Group composition currently consists of the following members: - Tsebokolodi the dominant female. - Shongololo the…Read More

Chemical warfare - when Meerkat and Mongoose food fights back...

THE NEW MILLIPEDE MEERKAT AND MONGOOSE FOOD ITEM VIDEO IS EDITED: Miraculous Millipedes (Diplopoda) are arthropods - segmented invertebrates that occur in The Meerkat Magic Valley Reserve of The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project. They have many legs that are…Read More
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