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Testimonials about the Meerkat Conservation cause leader - Wildlife Research and Conservation

Testimonial from Professor Tim Clutton-Brock from Cambridge University Large Animal Research Group (L.A.R.G) in Britain for Grant M. Mc Ilrath - A.K.A - The Meerkat Man Testimonial from…Read More

Meerkats warming up - and moving out of shadows that cover them!

In order to maintain homeostasis meerkats have adapted to a variety of thermoregulatory behaviours. These include using their sparsely haired undersides as natures solar panels to warm up. Huddling over their bellies and together cooperatively to preserve…Read More

Raised guarding meerkat - a meerkat sentinel - elevated guarding meerkat

Guarding frequency and foraging success are directly related to group size and survival in the meerkat. Meerkat guarding is one of the major adaptations for wild meerkats co-operative success as a diurnal species. Having many eyes watching out for…Read More

The Ungulungu meerkats get aggressive towards a predatory snake

They may look like a forest of angry puffed up bottle brushes, but not even a venomous snake will try attack meerkats when they team up and 'encourage' any snakes to leave the area... The Wild and Free Ungulungu meerkats from The Meerkat Magic Conservation…Read More

Conservation Through Education video - Meerkat smell mail...

You have mail...smell mail, not an email - this is meerkat scent mail or the equivalent of the usual SMS (Short Message System) in modern technology, but I prefer my own word invention for this - SSMS (Short Scent Message System) for meerkats! Imagine a…Read More

No predator can escape the nose of the meerkat!

Can you smell the danger? Meerkats aggressively scent track a predator in their territory.

Newly added BABY meerkats play at sunset - conservation awareness video :)

Although millions of people from around the world have enjoyed watching meerkat films, not many are aware of the demand on wild meerkat populations to be captured for the unsustainable and unsuitable commercial pet trade. Your anonymous vote can help spread…Read More
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