Help military families battling a war against autism.

The Campaign Purpose:
Help military families battling a war against autism.
1 out of every 88 military children has a diagnosis of autism. Less than 10% of these special children are receiving effective and vital treatment services needed to reach their full potential. Coverage of ABA therapy is limited. Until there is a shift in policy for these families, WE CAN AND MUST DO MORE.
Our campaign will provide treatment grants to military children with autism. With your help, we can provide military families with the quality of care that is equal to their heroic service and sacrifice in defense of our nation, our people, and our freedom.

"Because of the unique way the husbands and wives, the sons and daughters of our all-volunteer force serve this nation, we have a sacred responsibility to care for them."
~ Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates

1. 1 in 88 military children have a diagnosis on the autism spectrum.

2. Autism is treatable, and with treatment, children can make significant gains.

3. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is an effective treatment for autism, but less than 10% of military children with autism are receiving ABA services.

4. Autism treatments are effective, but expensive. ACT Today! for Military Families will help defray out-of-pocket treatment costs.

5. Military families shoulder significant responsibilities. Military families with autism face even more extraordinary circumstances. We can help!