Please "Like" the A420Nation New FaceBook Page!

Hello Cannabis, Hemp and Marijuana Advocate. the home of the Marijuana Freedom Patriots has created a new facebook page located here Please take a minute and "Like" our new page and…Read More

A Thank You for being a Hemp and Marijuana Advocate!

9/23/2010 Hey Members Our restock order for the "Marijuana Freedom Patriot" Wristbands came in today. They are Awsome! Have you ordered yours yet? For those of you that have already ordered, we apologize for the delay. The wristbands were a bit more…Read More

New "Marijuana Freedom Patriot" Wristbands!

Hello Fellow Patriot! Check out our New "Marijuana Freedom Patriot" Wristbands! Order yours Today and show your support for our cause. See them at Freedom, Health and Peace! Gary Vogt Founder

WOW! 100,000 "Likes" Check this out!

Hello Marijuana Freedom Patriot We are urging all Marijuana Freedom Patriots to participate in the "Help Legalize Freedom, Health and Peace - Vote to Legalize Marijuana" campaign. You can help with a few simple clicks that take less than 1 minute. Go to…Read More

Meet the Real 681 "Marijuana Freedom Patriots" at A420Nation

To: All True Marijuana Freedom Patriots Our thoughts of ending hemp and marijuana prohibition at all levels of government are based both on scientific facts and financial need. Ending Hemp and Marijuana Prohibition will open the door to Diverse New…Read More

Did you miss it? The A420Nation Video Project

Hello Fellow Marijuana Freedom Patriot, Don't miss out, join the action at We are always looking for more Pro Hemp and Marijuana friends at Join our 658 Pro Hemp and Marijuana Advocates and help end prohibition. Freedom -…Read More

New Group "Old Hippies Club" Join the Fun!

Join the newest Group at "Old Hippies Club" this group started today and offers a great opportunity to learn the old school hippie culture Join us - it will be fun!
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