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Making the Most of Each Day

Take the time to live each day to its fullest with your loved ones. A stoke is a silent killer, often there are no warning signs or hints that there is danger. Too many young, active, otherwise healthy people are stricken with debiltating and deadly strokes. There is an 8 state region typically known as the "stroke belt", these are typically southern states although Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Virginia, and Washington D.C. are often included. Among the southern states there is an area known as the "Stroke Buckle", these are Georgia, North and South Carolina. The rate of stroke deaths in the stroke buckle is nearly twice that of the rest of the nation and effects men and women, blacks and whites, and has existed do to unknown conditions there for nearly fifty years. Strokes are frightening and deadly, sometimes leaving the victims unable to care for themselves or communicate. Simple changes in diet, and routine check-ups wth your doctor are vital to your health, but often risks for strokes, especially in the young go undetected and ignored. Know your family history if possible, be aware of your body and all the things it tells you and learn all you can about this horrible epidemic that is sweeping our nations young adults.

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