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So, yesterday I am at the corner mini mart buying my soda, and watching the clerk take out all the "bath salts" fake pot, and other "potpouri's" everyone is smoking like crazy here in Pinellas County (FL). A deputy was sitting in her car outside while this was taking placxe. I about fell over when I heard what just had happened. Brilliant Florida has decided they can not figure away to make that stuff illegal, So...ready for the soultion???? A NEW FL law that states the following: "It is concidered illegal as of 7/3/2012 to place these products in displays, or to advertise you carry them. the following is in MY words....what I read next made to sick and curious at the same basically said, "We can not MAKE you not carry these items, or sell them. So keep them all out of the sight of the public. However, is someone asks if you have it, them you are legally allowed to sell to them.....WTF????? Now the cashier left the display case when I asked why...she said the owner wanted it left it there so people will purpously ask if they have any left...Why are we speanding all this time and money to fight this battle, yet this is the best we can do???? I'll bet if WE ALL team up, we could come up with something that makes more sense!!!!

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