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PLI Youth Leadership Training Program

At PLI, the youth leadership training program centers on the belief that students should strive to be applicable leaders who display merit by their approach and by their achievements.

We focus our contributions on the premise that future leaders and those who are effective have developed the creative skills in communication, presentation, and problem solving, backed by confidence. Less experienced leaders should leave with confidence, vision and know what inherent steps should be taken to reach their goals. More advanced leaders will be supported and surrounded by like-minded peers, successful leaders and knowledgeable mentors with cutting-edge practices.

Motivation to be a leader is a common objective of the majority of leadership programs, and most students are already excited about leadership. Thus, contrary to the belief of it as an internal trait, we will go the extra distance to show leadership as an apparatus for individual liberation, and as a tool to be effective in society, now and in the future.

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