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2010 Agenda


digital technology has revolutionized American commerce, government, entertainment, and communications. Children and young adults, in particular, now learn, play, and communicate with others in ways unimagined even a decade ago. Yet, while computers, the Internet, Video games, and other digital tools have transformed children's lives, the United States has not yet pursued a national strategy to ensure that young people are ready to compete in the global workforce and thrive in a digital culture. Nor has the nation committed to putting technology to work to improve the lives of children.

Today's children need 21st Century skills that allow them to take advantage of economic opportunities in a digital economy as well as to enable them to provide the innovation and know-how America needs to stay at the forefront of a global economy. Parents, guardians, and teachers need the knowledge to guide young people to safe and beneficial online experiences through readily available information and training. Moreover, as research increasingly documents the ways that broadband, innovative content, and applications improve children's lives, public programs that serve children and families, such as education, health care, and workforce training, should take advantage of technology to become more effective and efficient.

As the demonstrated benefits of information and digital technology continue to grow, there are millions of children and families who are severely disadvantaged because they do not have a computer or broadband in the home or the skills to use them effectively. The time has come to finish the job of providing access to all families and to put the power of technology to work for all our nation's children.
Delta Beta Lambda Foundation is calling for leadership in government and in the private and nonprofit sectors to ensure all children have the skills and the digital connections they need to become healthy, productive adults. Resources are being spent and efforts continue abroad, however America needs to be the priority!


Incorporate 21st Century Skills Training in all Depritech communities. Establish 21st Century skills for children and youth as a local first and then national priority. Promote model state standards, frameworks, and assessments that states and local communities can adopt.

Make education Technology more Available- Increase funding for Enhancing After School Education through technology to enable schools and 21st Century Community Learning Centers to acquire technology-enable content and applications that support learning for all children, including those with disabilities.

Promote the Use of video Games as educational tools- Increase access and develop educational learning programs with online and in local market with video game industry partners.

Provide Scholarships for Depritech youth - provide scholarship for disadvantage students who desire to pursue training in areas of technology

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