PLI Youth Leadership Training Program

At PLI, the youth leadership training program centers on the belief that students should strive to be applicable leaders who display merit by their approach and by their achievements. We focus our contributions on the premise that future leaders and those…Read More

Refocusing mission on Emerging leaders of The Free Market

Our organization was established in 2008 to promote technology access for Depritech individuals and has recently enhanced that vision to focus on potential leaders of the free market. The utilization of technology and its importance to to free enterprise must…Read More

Academic Tech

To provide both a nucleation point for university professors, doctoral candidates and technology professionals with similar interests and background in areas of Technology, Urban Planning, Game Design , Digital Media and Science Delta Beta Lambda board…Read More

2010 Agenda

DIGITAL OPPORTUNITY NOW FOR AMERICA'S CHILDREN digital technology has revolutionized American commerce, government, entertainment, and communications. Children and young adults, in particular, now learn, play, and communicate with others in ways unimagined…Read More
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