Say no to registered sex offenders having rights to their kids!

What a brilliant response. Thankyou for joining my cause. We have nearly reached 1000 members. This is a special cause from the heart to try and help protect our children. The more members we get the better as its the numbers that matter to parliament, Its…Read More

Say No to registered sex offenders having rights to their kids

What a great effort! Nearly 300 members. Please keep reminding your friends to join this cause and see if we can double the numbers by next week!

Say No to Registered Sex Offenders Having any rights to their kids

Thankyou people for joining my cause. In three days we already have 178 members, WOW thats great, but we need alot more so please keep reminding you friends to join this worthy cause. Just think if everyones friends join and then their friends join and so on,…Read More

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