Kangaroos -0 Industry -1

FROM:- The Australian Wildlife Protection Council - Melbourne, Australia. For immediate release - Tuesday 22 March 2011 Kangaroo ban hits its first hurdle in EU but starts new phase from very strong position! In what can only be described as an astonishing…Read More


Thank you to everyone who wrote in. We will be giving you more feedback as soon as we receive it. Please keep signing the petition as we about to start phase two of our EU campaign. Get everyone you know to sign here:-…Read More

Please write to EU in support of our petition being read on Wednesday 16 March

Send to:-Erminia Mazzoni, the Chairwoman of the Petitions Committee: [email protected] Dear Erminia Mazzoni, Chairwoman EU Petitions Committee Reference:- On Wednesday 16 March 2011, Petition 1447/2009 will be tabled for discussion calling…Read More

New CD Specially written for EU Campaign

This CD and booklet will give everyone an insight into the cruel trade of killing baby kangaroos and their parents. We only have a small amount of our first batch of 200 left. We may not produce the other 800 in this limited edition so get them whilst you…Read More

New CD Specially written for EU Campaign

Media Release For immediate release Friday, September 17, 2010 Multi-award winning songwriter joins EU Campaign to help save baby kangaroos A limited and exclusive edition CD has been created to help raise funds for the campaign to have kangaroo products…Read More


Hi All We recently received word that SKY NEWS have filmed a licensed kangaroo shooter killing kangaroos including baby kangaroos. Here is the link but be warned it may upset a few. It does however go to show that what we have been saying has and still is…Read More

Call to Action

We need your support! We are sending out this message to everyone in our group that lives in the EU or has friends in any member state. The success of the seal campaign was due to citizens writing of their concern about the cruel way seals and particularly…Read More
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