To raise funds for feral cats

My pretty little Puddy Mouce suffered a badly broken leg which will need amputaton and repair of a dislocated hip. She is one of many feral kittens successfully trapped, spayed and returned home. She then adopted me. We need help covering her vet costs as her prognosis and spirit is good. Surgery was 4/29/2010. She was up and about within a week. She gets around the house verfy well now. She tends to scoot like a catepillar for short distances. She's very happy and well worth the cost to get her fixed and healthy.
I began caring for a colony of feral cats near my home when the previous TNR lady moved. I have spayed and neutered and returned several feral cats to control their population and keep them healthy. My Puddy Mouce wanted to be an indoor/outdoor cat. Now it's just indoors for her as my pillow puddy.
I hope with the donations I can help more feral cats that need love, care and our help. Please help me help them!

1. To raise funds for emergency treatment for ferals cats or caregivers of ferals cats.

2. To use funds to care, feed, trap, spay or neuter feral cats.

3. To care for love and respect all other animals including humans as much as I do my Puddy Mouce.