Well, so far we already identified 11 cases in Portugal. Somo of these cases are Polymicrogyria or other neurological disorders "cousins" of Lissencephaly. All of these neurological disorders have the same general name "neuronal migration disorder". This is…Read More

We need to start making the difference. We exist!!!!

Hello all, It's time to start doing some thing. We think that one of the first steps is to understand how many of "us" are in the world? What do you think? Pat and Leo (Ratinho), born with ILS 1a, possible to diagnose in-utero

We cant stand in the dark----WE EXIST, WE ARE HERE

Well, making groups and causes and associations is cool, but if we are only staying for making...well...why wast time? So, LET GET TO WORK PEOPLE!!!! First: Ideas! Give us ideas of what you want to know, what you think this Association needs and what are…Read More

Let's Fight Ignorance ----Vamos lutar contra a Ignorancia

As coisas más não acontecem só aos outros... Bad things dont happen just to other people... Many children born with severe delays due to neurological problems.Some of the neurological disorders that can be diagnosed in-utero, providing to the parents the…Read More
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