Need to Make Two Promo Videos Go Viral

Karen Allen has done an Alaska wildlife video for us in her inimitable style! So now we have two promo videos, Denise's support video showcasing Alaska's natural beauty, and Karen's attack video showcasing Alaska's wildlife and subtly pointing out the…Read More

25,000 Petition Signatures Needed by Tuesday!

CREDO, one of Defenders of Wildlife's partners in the attack on Gov. Palin's Alaska series, has collected 215,000+ signatures and is planning to present their petition to Discovery Communications at their shareholders meeting in Washington, D. C. on…Read More

What We're Up Against

Folks, the opposition has launched a massive attack against Gov. Palin's Alaska documentary series and is pressuring Discovery Communications to drop her show. It is urgent that we act quickly and launch a major challenge to their efforts. It would be tragic…Read More

How to Post This Cause and Its Graphic on Your Wall

How to Post the Graphic and the Cause on your Wall Posted by Palin ECoalition at 12:57am Having done this only once, I may not get these instructions exactly right, but I want to point out some things that are important. Once you join the Cause, select the…Read More
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