To stop NASA's plans of using cruel and deadly radiation experiments on monkeys and urge them to use more modern clinical research methods.

NASA plans to blast 30 squirrel monkeys with radiation and trap them in cages to observe the painful effects of radiation damage. The monkeys would suffer for years in agonizing tests to record the effects of the poison on their bodies and brains, which could include blindness as well as brain tumors and other types of cancer.

Torturing and killing innocent animals for scientific research is inexcusable, especially when there are modern clinical research methods available. In the past, PETA has been successful in convincing NASA to drop its inhumane experiments on monkeys, and we need your help again to stop their radiation test in its tracks.

Join us and let NASA know that we won't stand for these cruel experiments!

1. NASA should cancel all plans of using monkeys in radiation experiments.