McDonalds and other Fast Food Restaurants.

Strait to the point. Every REMAIN of cows is what they use to make your delicious tasting hamburgers. Organs, brains, veins, arteries, FAT and blood, are all mixed up, processed, and then added MSG, and many other preservatives, colorants, and composition of…Read More

Colored Lightbulbs

Colored lightbulbs affects behavior if projected on a room at the walls. It can also be used for healing purposes. To find out more about healing with colors send me a message requesting info. Careful with flourecent lightbulbs. They create anxiety,…Read More

What are we?

We are NOT Anti-Illuminati nor Anti-Whatever. We are Pro-Wisdom, Pro-Liberty, Pro-Creation. We only demand our right to LEARN and RETAKE what has been taken away from us through the centuries. - The indigo generation is the real NEW WORLD ORDER. We come to…Read More
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