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Judicial Misconduct and the New Mexico Judicial Power Structure

There was coverage on Democracy Now today of the Pennsylvania judges who were sending kids to the slammer because they were getting kickback from privately run juvenile detention facilities. One kid ended up committing suicide. In Las Vegas, New Mexico, a state district judge (later removed from the bench on unrelated charges) sent three high school sophomores to jail for a full month, then kept them on electronic bracelet monitoring for about 6 months. Their offense? Defending themselves against a Senior, a football jock bully. Video from the high school clearly showed that the "victim" was the first aggressor, and that two out of three of the kids were not even in the fight. The "victim's" serious injury? He received a black eye - a very well deserved one - from his smaller, younger opponent, who was only defending himself. (Guess which family was better connected politically?) In yet another recent case, a New Mexico District Judge threw a nursing mother in jail for "contempt" after she filed a Judicial Standards Complaint against him. Her nursing infant went into a deep depression upon being abruptly separated from her mother that could have been life threatening. These cases are really just the "tip of the iceberg." If the public paid attention to what is occurring every day in our courts, there would be a major turnover of judges, not to mention an overhaul of the system that elects them and keeps them in power.

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