Water Act Modernization or Corporatization?

Water Act Modernization opens floodgates to potential loss of public rights by Art Joyce (Appearing in the Valley Voice Newspaper on December 1, 2010) Legislation to modernize outdated regulations? Or yet another corporate bill of rights? That seems to be…Read More

Rafe Maer Speaks For BC's Watersheds

Common Sense Tour wants Eco-Action in BC By Dan Spring Virtuoso speechmaker and former local NDP MP Corky Evans joined the outspoken radio show and television program host and former Social Credit Environment Minister Rafe Maer for the surprisingly…Read More

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One of the Kootenays important watersheds is threatened by logging. Everyone should go to this website now http://www.perryridge.org/ and sign the petition to protect Perry's Ridge. Perry's Ridge is extremely important to wildlife, is the home important…Read More

Please invite a friend to "Beware of BC's Water Act Modernization"

Now that the government deadline for public submissions has passed, it is even more important to stay aware of what is happening. Please ask your friends to join so that we can network on this important issue. Don't let the government take our water and then…Read More

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