Third Time Lucky for Bunya Grove?

Over Christmas-New Year 2010/11 the first 53 Bunya trees planted on Wakka Wakka land at Cherbourg were swept away by a massive flood! In 2011 an even bigger planting struggled to survive during a heat wave through November-early December. The rains finally…Read More

Tree-planting morning: Wednesday Nov 28 at Wakka Wakka Park Cherbourg

The tree-planting day will be this coming Wednesday November 28. Three schools will have students involved, with Year 3 and Year 7 coming from Cherbourg SS, and representatives from St Joseph's in Murgon and The Annexe. The Bunya Mountains Murri rangers are…Read More

2012 Bunya re-plant confirmed

Cherbourg Mayor Ken Bone has confirmed that Council will support a third bunya re-plant day. Cherbourg School's Principal has also accepted the invitation to participate. I have sought advice from Gympie Landcare President Ernie rider who has provided some…Read More

Meeting next Wednesday er Bunya re-vamp

Hi there members from South Burnett: On Wednesday Nov 7 I'll be at Cherbourg to meet with Council about the next steps in the Bunya restoration. If you want to catch up I will be at Murgon Reflections for a coffee with cause members at 3.30pm. I want to set…Read More

Some general Bunya info

BUNYA NUT, Araucaria bidwillii Bunya Nut This majestic tree with its enormous cones has a straight trunk, large prickly leaves and separate male and female flowers. The 10kg female cones contain delicious edible Bunya "nuts" that can be eaten raw or boiled…Read More

Second Bunya Re-plant

On Thursday November 24, the next group of Bunya trees was planted at Cherbourg. A line along the entrance to the community was planted along the fenceline of Wakka Wakka park, and others species including silky oaks (grevilleas) and wattles (Acacias)…Read More

next bunya replant date for Cherbourg

After the sad loss of the 53 trees planted last year as a result of the January floods, Bring Back the Bunyas plans to plant 200 bunya trees on a higher site on September 10 2011. Please put this date in your diary and watch for more details. I am also…Read More
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