Ban the Trapping of Wild Animals - Fur is Dead

Trapping wild animals for their skins is barbaric. There is no justification for this. It should be banned.

Your help to make someone happy today would be appreciated

You joined this cause because you wanted to help. Please visit/message @ActionTilson on twitter today to wish this excellent young man a happy birthday! Watch the video -- You will be glad you did.

Cause Video Featured in Cat Directory

Our Cause Video has been featured in the "Dedicated to Cats" online directory at

DEFRA response concerning rat traps

It would appear that DEFRA are not ready to challenge the manufacturers of inhumane rat traps because there is legislation covering their use which the trap manufacturers are compliant with. The responsibility when a pet or hedgehog is maimed or killed is…Read More

The Cause speaks out in the newspapers!

Cause member Nick Lavigueur is a Huddersfield Daily Examiner newspaper reporter. He has written an article which today was published by the newspaper here:…Read More

The Cause has now become a facebook "Club"

Congratulations to all supporters of the Cause. We now have 100 members!

The Cause is now an official facebook "Club"

Congratulations to all Cause supporters. We have recruited our 100th member. This means the Cause is now promoted to be a Club. Well done to all!
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