update on summers condition.

firstly welcome to any new members and thanks for the support. Summer is still not growing, but is still tolerating the treatment. Candi now gets 8 hours a month Respite as she is under the age of 3, which candi is very grateful to have. Summer has been…Read More

wecome to new members

hi everyone, welcome to new members we are now up to 512 keep the good work going tell everyone, We had an appointment on monday just gone at kings college hospital. Summer is holding her own the medicine seems to be keeping her in a coping state. the doctor…Read More


hi everyone, and a welcome to those who have just joined. it has been a busy week. we now have 350 members. i myself have donated some cash. but the best thing was a little old lady i know was so taken with what she found out about what we are doing and that…Read More


thanks to everyone, we are now up to 261 members. please view all of the videos on you tube as they tell all the story of summer. she is so beautifull she is starting to say some words her favorite is nana car. she has grown two teeth. but sadly is still not…Read More

discusion board

hi everyone, and welcome to any new members. just to let you know there is a discusion board, if you go to home page, scroll down and on the right hand side there is the work discusion board. There is two topics at the moment and it would be nice to get some…Read More

birthday donations

hi everyone, and welcome to any new members. Have you thought about when your birthday comes up, and people ask you what you would like. Ask some of them to donate to the fund, i have a site on www.justgiving.com and the page is called" The Summer Porter…Read More

link to another cause.

please look on news feed there is another cause, which is the next step for Summer so i have linked with the administrator, it is called Donors save lives if you cant find it then the web site is www.donorssavelives.org it is a great site showing stories of…Read More
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