ANSA works in the US and South Africa to combat AIDS, care for children orphaned by the disease, advance democracy and equality, and educate and empower youth.

"We will never forget those
who stood by us in our darkest
days...You have become a part
of the progress we are making...
We are strengthened by the knowledge
that Artists for a New South Africa
will be with us."

--Nelson Mandela,
Former President of South Africa

Artists for a New South Africa (ANSA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to combating the African AIDS pandemic and advancing democracy and equality in South Africa. ANSA also works to further civil rights and safeguard voting rights in the U.S.

In partnership with South African and American organizations, grassroots movements, leaders, artists and activists, ANSA works to make a difference through public education and mobilization, advocacy, grantmaking, media campaigns and the provision of material aid.

ANSA harnesses the talents, visibility and resources of artists to increase awareness, raise money and mobilize action on AIDS, South Africa and U.S. civil rights.

Originally called Artists for a Free South Africa, ANSA was founded in 1989 by Alfre Woodard, Danny Glover, Blair Underwood, Mary Steenburgen, CCH Pounder, Robert Guillaume and friends to mobilize support for South Africa's quest for freedom.

With the approach of the first multi-racial elections in 1994, ANSA concentrated on voter education, working alongside grassroots organizations to help reach millions who had never before been allowed to cast ballots. In one of history's great victories of justice, apartheid was replaced by a stable multi-party democracy and the world's most far-reaching Bill of Rights. Reconciliation triumphed over revenge. As the situation in South Africa has changed, ANSA has altered its focus to address new and pressing needs. In many ways, the real work-of alleviating the suffering and inequities created by centuries of oppression-has just begun. ANSA now works to redress inequities that are the legacies of apartheid in South Africa and segregation in America.

1. ANSA makes a difference through collaborative programs, grants, public education and mobilization, advocacy, media campaigns, and providing aid.

2. We harness the talents, visibility, and resources of artists and activists to increase awareness, raise money, and mobilize action.

3. ANSA works to redress the legacies and inequities created or exacerbated by apartheid and segregation.