To Educate India's Children

Pratham is an NGO dedicated to achieving universal primary education and literacy for all children in India. It was established in the slums of Mumbai, India in 1994 through UNICEF efforts and now has a network of initiatives working in 21 states across India.

Some interesting facts about Pratham/the cause are:

India has 35% of the world's illiterate children and a literacy rate of 65%.

Pratham recently embarked on a 2 year phased plan (2007-2009), "Read India Initiative," that aims to teach 60M children in India to read, write, and learn arithmetic.

Pratham uses a "basti" or community based approach in rural areas targeting a cluster 250 households or ~ 500 children from the ages of 3-14

Pratham is an extremely efficient organization with administrative expenses representing only 3% of revenue

Pratham's efforts are supported in part by the Gates Foundation and the Clinton Foundation but more than 2/3 of the contributions come from individuals

1. Every child has the right to read